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Want to do business in of hospitality?

Want to do business in the field of hospitality? This is a very exciting and very profitable business in the long run. But remember, your hotel business should be managed professionally. One of the sure things about owning a hotel business is the value of hotel property that always increases and its value is much…

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perusahaan manajemen hotel

Company Management Hotel

Utilizing a hotel management company is vital to your company’s success and you need to know some important things before choosing it. Each hotel management company offers the same range of services but each one has a specialty. Discover the benefits of every important organization in a process of choosing a hotel. The right management…

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gunung agung

Mount Agung eruption and Bali Tourism Impact

Mount Agung eruption in Karang Asem Bali Mount Agung is one of the highest volcanoes in Bali province. Mount Agung has a height of 3,014 meters above sea level (dpl) and is believed to be the residence of the ancestral spirits of the Balinese Hindu community. Since September 2017 Mount Agung began to show its…

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preopening hotel

Step by step pre opening a hotel

Pre Opening for Hotel / Resort Pre-opening or Pre Opening process should pay attention to every detail possible that leads to the success and failure of the opening of the hotel. For that, we need a smooth planning to ensure the success of hotel operations in the future. Checklist opener should be prepared in such…

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